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Stay for A Bite Charspookerie Snack Board

Stay for A Bite Charspookerie Snack Board


Ready to add a dash of whimsy and spooktacular fun to your snacking adventures? Look no further than this STAY FOR A BITE Acadia Wood Snack Board! This 8x8-inch board is perfect for those who want to infuse humor and a touch of vampire-themed creativity into their snack presentations this Halloween season (or let's be real year-round if you're real fun).

Size: 8 inches (L) x 8 inches (W)

Whether you're serving up cheese, crackers, fruits, chocolates, or Halloween-themed treats, the "STAY FOR A BITE" Acadia Wood Snack Board is the perfect stage for your snacking creativity. The smooth, easy-to-clean surface ensures you can focus on enjoying your snacks without worrying about post-snack cleanup nightmares.

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