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WHS Pattern.png

Oren T.

Encino, CA

“A fine addition to my Kali shrine! How about Goddess Kali dancing on a pile of skulls and skeletons for your next project, I know you would do a fantastic job, and every one can line up behind me.
Simply Awesome!"

Virginia P.

Portland, OR

"This was purchased as a birthday gift and needed to be special and unique to do justice to a very magical person in my family. I am extremely happy with the result. From the quality of the art and materials used to care of packing to shipping and delivery speed, this was a 5-star experience. Highly recommend."

Conor H.

Mahopac, NY

"The quality of the paper is fantastic, the color profile really makes the print pop! I love the easy to use frame with snaps on the back allowing you to easily switch between landscape or portrait display! It adds a peaceful energy to my space! Thanks so much and I look forward to seeing what else you create!! Will definitely be a return shopper!"

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